Welcome to CrossFit Aevitas, the Capital Region’s premier personal health and fitness solution!  We are proud to be opening the doors to our permanent home in Charles Park, just off of Rt 155 in Guilderland, NY!

You may be wondering: who are we, where did we come from, and why do we call ourselves the “Capital Region’s premier personal health and fitness solution”?  We are Chad and Karen Southwick, CrossFit trainers and co-owners of CrossFit Aevitas.  We believe that being “well” and “fit” are much more than spending an hour on the Stairmaster or completing hundreds of bicep curls.  We believe in functional fitness, proper movement mechanics, optimum nutrition, and stress and sleep management.  Without ALL of these pillars of a healthy lifestyle, we fall short of reaching our true potential as human beings.  Our goal is to help as many people as possible to live BETTER for LONGER by supplying the tools needed to optimize personal health and wellness.

We are NOT a $10-per-month “globo-gym”, where individuals come in, do their own workout routine, and leave… until ultimately their results (and therefore motivation) stagnate.  Sound familiar?  Keep reading…

We open our doors to anyone and everyone who is w

Karen Southwick