Aevitas Kids


Making Fitness FUN!

Aevitas is proud to offer fitness classes for kids as a fundamental building block of a healthy, happy lifestyle.

At Aevitas Kids, we make Fitness FUN, ensuring that kids learn to love exercise and view it as an opportunity, rather than a chore, as they grow and develop into active teenagers and adults!


Set Up a Free Trial Session

To see if Aevitas Kids is a good fit for your family, we offer a risk-free trial for your kid(s) to come in, join a session, and see for themselves just how much fun it is!

We offer Aevitas Kids sessions for kids ages 5-12

We offer Teen Prep Course sessions for teens aged 13-16

Kids Parties and Events

Looking for the most fun and exciting place to host your child’s next birthday party or event? Aevitas has you covered! Our birthday parties are guaranteed to be:

  • FUN




Start planning the most-epic-party ever with Coach Karen now!



Coach Karen

Karen has been coaching the Aevitas Kids program since 2015. She received her CrossFit For Kids certification in the spring of 2016, and works regularly to develop and update programming that is both accessible and challenging for the kids.

Coach Karen is able to make the hour a fun and productive time for all, by focusing on what each individual child needs and is capable of at their unique stage of development.