Coming to CrossFit Aevitas -- Food Therapy

We are so pleased to announce that starting next week, CrossFit Aevitas will become an official drop-off location for Food Therapy meals by Peak Performance Nutrition!


If you were at our 2016 CrossFit Open Finale Party on Friday, March 25th, you probably tasted some of Food Therapy's excellent creations. Owner Adam Davis uses the freshest of fresh ingredients to create healthy and delicious meals for the busy family - something we can all get behind!

Here are a few reasons we're so excited about Food Therapy, and why we're introducing our CrossFit community to this service:


Busy doesn't have to equal unhealthy We get it - you're busy people! Try as you might, there are some weeks when you just can't find enough hours. Instead of stressing out to get healthy meals on the table, or worse yet, breaking down and just ordering whatever last-minute fast food option you find, why not put in an order for hot, fresh, tasty meals, that you know will pack a nutritious punch? With Food Therapy, you get to choose the meals you want as well as the quanity, and the food is delivered right to the gym - no need to stop at the crowded grocery store on your way home!

Variety is the spice of life Do you ever find yourself in a rut when it comes to preparing fresh food for you and your family? Use Food Therapy meals as a way to break a boring cycle and try something new! Not only will you be expanding your horizons, but you might also find inspiration in Food Therapy's tasty meals that you can incorporate into your own cooking!

Choose your meals based on your tastes - and appetite Food Therapy is set up as an online ordering site. Not into one of the entrees listed on the site, but the other looks superb? Great - order a couple portions of the one that suits your taste!

Not only can you order what you want, you also get to decide how much of it you want. Whether you are looking for just a small on-the-go lunch, or you're trying to feed a bottomless pit (ahem, Chad...) you get to choose the meal size that's right for you.

No long-term commitments Because of the way the ordering is set up, you are in full control! If you don't need or want extra help with meals this week, no problem - just don't place an order! There's no minimum order requirement, and no subscription to put on hold if you decide you don't want the meals.

So, how can you get fresh, tasty, healthy meals delivered weekly? Check out the Food Therapy site and follow these simple directions:


**Visit the "Menu and Ordering" tab on the Food Therapy Website. This will take you to the menu items for the week. There are always a couple entree and breakfast options, as well as a weekly special

Select items to learn more about the ingredients Each meal option comes with a description of what exactly is in it, as well as different portion size options

Select the size and number of meals, and add to your shopping cart Make sure to select CrossFit Aevitas as your pickup location, and choose either Sunday or Wednesday delivery

Please note that orders for the following week are due Thursday at 8PM.

When you're ready, check out! You can add notes if necessary, then enter your payment information and finish the order

Enjoy your delicious meals! Whether you scarf it down right after the WOD, or bring several portions home for your family to enjoy together, we know you will love these made-for-you meals!

Karen Southwick