Chad Southwick

Chad is a co-owner and Head Coach of CrossFit Aevitas. He is the mastermind behind the CrossFit Aevitas daily programming, and his true passion for health and wellness is infectious.

An athlete his entire life, Chad competed in hockey and lacrosse through high school. Chad found CrossFit in October of 2011 after several years of searching for “something” that just wasn’t coming from his day-to-day routine at the local gym. Chad quickly became addicted to the sport of fitness, and took the next step to become a Level 1 CrossFit trainer. Chad worked as a coach for Albany CrossFit under the mentorship of Jay Ackerman for 18 months. In the summer of 2013, Chad decided to spread CrossFit further into the Capital Region by beginning a CrossFit Boot Camp in Tawasentha Park.

Chad’s focus on helping people become healthier and live better is mainly focused on getting people’s bodies to move the way they are supposed to move. Chad provides not only daily CrossFit WODs, but also encourages pre- and post-workout mobility to increase range of motion, minimize joint pain and muscle soreness, and prevent injury. If you’re having a problem moving your shoulders through their entire range of motion, or you have chronic hip or knee pain, Chad will work persistently with you to find methods that will help you overcome your mobility obstacles.

Chad is a Level 1 CrossFit Trainer, and has completed the Mobility Level 1 Certificate as well as the Olympic Lifting (Attitude Nation) Certificate and CrossFit Gymnastics seminars.

Karen Southwick