Aevitas Athlete Spotlight - Josh Lare

Our Aevitas family is full of the most amazing people! This Aevitas Athlete Spotlight segment is all about Josh Lare.  If you don’t know Josh yet, this should give you a peek into who he is, and why we decided to spotlight him! If you do know Josh already, you know he is hard-working, and always has a nice word to say to someone.  Even if you already know him, keep reading - you might learn something that you didn’t know before!

Josh crushing weighted lunges at Battle of the Beasts.

Josh crushing weighted lunges at Battle of the Beasts.

Question: Hi Josh, tell us a little about yourself (where did you grow up? where do you live now? family? what you do for a living? etc).

Josh: I grew up in Albany until I was in 5th grade and then we moved to Guilderland where I have been ever since. I have been married for almost 13 years to my wife Cristen and I have two amazing kids (Addison & Cooper). I am sure most of you know my son Cooper… he’s kinda famous. I own an insurance brokerage office along with a safety training business. And I just started a vending machine business last year.

Q: What was your experience level with athletics prior to joining Aevitas?  

Josh: Experience level with athletics was right around…umm... ZERO!! I know it’s hard to believe when you see how jacked I am but it’s true. Prior to coming to Aevitas, I had never done anything athletic at all, I went through a police academy in 2005 and once I completed it, I stopped doing anything physical. That was the extent of fitness in my life.

Q: How long have you been doing CrossFit?

Josh:  I have been doing CrossFit for just over 2 years this past May.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Aevitas?

Josh:  I know this is what everyone says but I love the community of people. I have never met such an encouraging and supportive group of people. I love the structure of the classes and how the coaches will work with you to scale any or all of the movements in the workout to fit you. You don’t get that in a “regular” gym. I think that is what really motivated me to keep coming.

Q: Favorite CrossFit movement and why?

Josh: My favorite movement has to be the back squat. I’m here for the squats.

Q: Least favorite CrossFit movement and why?

Josh: I don’t really like anything that takes place on the floor, however BURPEES are my least favorite. Oddly enough, they seem to be a bit easier since I have lost some more weight.


Q: What is your most memorable moment at Aevitas?

Josh: The most memorable moment has to be my first day. Evan Ladd convinced me to try it out, so I came to the 5:30 AM boot camp and Chad had us doing ab-mat sit ups, air squats and burpees. I think I got through about two burpees and wanted to die (that feeling hasn’t changed by the way) and this girl was walking through the room and saw me struggling, so she stopped and finished all of the burpees with me. That girl was Chia… I will never forget that day, because that was when I knew this was a great place, filled with great people.

Q: In what areas have you improved the most since you began at Aevitas?

Josh: I have improved on getting out of bed at 5:00 AM… but seriously, I think I have improved in so many movements (with the exception of cleans, I just can’t get my elbows up) . Before Crossfit I could barely squat down to tie my kids shoes or even keep up with them. Now they have to keep up with me.

Q: What are some of your interests and hobbies outside of Aevitas?

Josh: Until I started going to Aevitas, I had been involved in the fire service for over 27 years. However, I have been spending more time going to the gym and focusing on my health. I truly love spending my free time away from work with my family and friends. As for interests, I try to support several different charities and organizations that focus on childhood cancer research and overall helping sick kids (St. Baldrick’s, Melodies Center @ Albany Med, Make a Wish, etc), that keeps us very busy.

Q: Favorite movie?

Josh: I have to say my favorite movie of all time has to be Spaceballs. It makes me laugh just thinking about it. “I’m a Mog… half man, half dog. I’m my own best friend”.

Q: Describe your perfect meal (disregard health for this answer)?

Josh: I am a huge fan of Italian food. I would love a huge plate of chicken piccata with pasta. Then I would finish the night with a bowl of Breyer’s Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, Josh. We are so happy you are part of the Aevitas family!

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