Aevitas Athlete Spotlight - Jay!

Our CrossFit Aevitas family is full of the most amazing people! This Aevitas Athlete Spotlight segment is all about Jason Farooq. If you don’t know Jay yet, this should give you a peek into who he is, and why we decided to spotlight him! If you do know Jay already, keep reading - you might learn something that you didn’t know before!

Jay completing CrossFit Open Workout 18.5 in March 2018

Jay completing CrossFit Open Workout 18.5 in March 2018

Question: Jason, tell us a little about yourself (where did you grow up? where do you live now? family? what you do for a living? etc).

Jason: Presently I live in Voorheesville with Ashleigh, which is also where I grew up. It is a nice small town and my family still lives there as well. I recently graduated from Sage Colleges of Albany with a Bachelor’s in Accounting and a Master’s in Business Administration. However, I also hold a Bachelor’s in Biology from Siena College.

You might be wondering, why the switch? Well, I went to medical school for two years (where I met Ashleigh) and I can honestly say it wasn’t for me. I came back and applied to the MBA program where I found accounting. Maybe it was the math that I enjoyed; who doesn’t like adding and subtracting? I would take that any day over calculus. With that said, I currently work at GP Fund Solutions, in Latham, as a fund accountant.

Q: What was your experience level with athletics prior to CrossFit?

J: Prior to CrossFit, the only athletic sport that I played was varsity tennis in high school. I haven’t really played much since then. After high school, I started going to the gym, where I started with your traditional bodybuilding splits. Chest training on Mondays, Back on Tuesday, legs on Wednesday, Shoulders on Thursday, and arms on Friday. I guess pretty much everyone starts here at this point and progresses into other training methods. I probably did that on/off for about five years in between college and medical school.

For a while this type of training worked very well for me but med school began to take priority and exercising in general took a back seat. When I came back from med school I started exercising again but was lacking the motivation with this style of training. Eventually, I got bored of that and took a chance coming to Aevitas.

Q: How long have you been doing CrossFit?

J: I have been doing CrossFit for 2.5 years. I actually started CrossFit here at Aevitas during the Open in 2016. I remember Chad encouraging me to watch one of the Open workouts. It was 16.2, and I just remember watching everyone crushing it and was hooked. I think the following week I got to try my hand at 16.3, and boy was it humbling.

Q: What is your favorite thing about CrossFit and CrossFit Aevitas?

J: My favorite thing about CrossFit is definitely the community, especially everyone here at Aevitas. You are able to see the passion they bring to the WODs and their ability to suffer through some pretty grueling workouts. I use that as motivation to push myself to a level I might not find doing it on my own.

Q: What is your favorite CrossFit movement and why?

J: My favorite movement in CrossFit is the clean and jerk. Who doesn’t like try to moving heavy weight from the ground to overhead? It is a good lift for me personally, which is why it is a favorite of mine.

Q: How about your least favorite CrossFit movement and why?

J: My least favorite movement has to be front rack lunge. It doesn’t matter what loading I choose, they just aggravate an old back injury. I tend to cherry pick those workouts if I see them come up, which probably means I should be incorporating them in training.

Q: Which is the most memorable wod/workout and why?

J: The most memorable WOD would have to be the 5k we had to to run. Personally I really dislike running, mostly because it used to be quite hard on me due to my asthma. However, over the past year my asthma is nearly gone, and I am able to run longer distances. Up to that point I had never run more than a mile. Due to the unknown of whether I could even run 5K consistently, this particular workout really pushed me outside my comfort zone and in the end, showed me that I am capable of running longer distance. I was really pleased with how I did that day and it has encouraged me to run more.

Q: In what areas have you improved the most since you began doing CrossFit?

J: Honestly, I think I have improved in every aspect that CrossFit measures. I am definitely fitter, probably the best I have ever been. I am able to run finally, after so many years. Another benefit has been no lower back pain from general activities.

Q: What are some of your interests and hobbies outside of CrossFit?

J: Outside of CrossFit, I enjoy going hiking in the Adirondacks and occasionally getting some golfing in every now and then. It has been hard with classes, only allowing me the opportunity of one or the other. CrossFit has been my main interest, but now that I have graduated, I hope to be doing more activities outside of CrossFit.

Q: Did you have a childhood nickname you are willing to share with us?

J: I never had a childhood nickname. Most people just shortened my name and called me Jay, which I am pretty used to hearing now.

Q: If you could spend an afternoon with someone famous you have never met, either living or dead, who would you choose? Why that person?

J: I would choose Bear Grylls to spend an afternoon with. I really enjoyed watching his show Man vs Wild. I suppose he would have some pretty interesting stories to tell.

Q: Last one: Cake, brownies, cookies, ice cream, or pie. PIck one. What kind?

J: Ice cream, usually some flavor of Ben and Jerry’s

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, Jason! Athletes - keep an eye out for your turn to be in the Aevitas Athlete Spotlight!

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