Aevitas Athlete Spotlight - Chris!

Our CrossFit Aevitas family is full of the most amazing people! This Aevitas Athlete Spotlight segment is all about Chris G. If you don't know Chris yet (you need to!), this should give you a peek into who he is, and why we decided to spotlight him! If you do know Chris already, keep reading - you might learn something that you didn't know before!

Chris in his natural habitat

Chris in his natural habitat

Question: Hi Chris, tell everyone a little bit about yourself (where you live, family, what you do for a living, etc)

Chris: I’m from Plattsburgh, NY - grew up there and attended college there, then moved to Boston for 7 years to work. I then got my Master’s degree and then moved to Albany. I work for SUNY Albany as an Academic Advisor, where I either crush dreams or act as a catalyst to inspire students.

Q: What was your experience level with athletics prior to CrossFit?

C: I grew up playing all sports, but really took to soccer. I played on a club team in Montreal year-round throughout high school. I also picked up a tennis racket one day in high school because my friend’s mom was the coach, and ended up making State’s that year and got to play at Flushing Meadows. I played on a club soccer team while in Boston, and also ran a lot of races as well, but then had some serious injuries (tore all the ligaments in my ankle, surgery on one shoulder, dislocated the other).

Q: Why did you start doing CrossFit?

C: After all of the injuries I took some time off of doing anything while I went to Graduate School. One of my friends started CrossFit and saw results so I ended up trying it.

Q: How long have you been doing CrossFit?

C: My first day trying CrossFit was about 2 years ago right now, but I really stuck to a schedule about a year and a half ago.

Q: What is your favorite thing about CrossFit and CrossFit Aevitas?

C: My favorite thing about CrossFit is that it always challenges me, I never have to figure out what my work out will be, and I always get to try something new. Specifically to Aevitas, I love the coaches and it’s a great support group. I joined just less than a year ago at Aevitas but I feel so comfortable around everyone and have met some great people. But my favorite thing about Aevitas is religiously beating Brian Yovine in every WOD.

Q: Favorite CrossFit movement and why?

C: Does foam rolling count? If not, I’ll say anything gymnastic related (muscle up, handstand push ups, handstand walk, etc.). I like these because I feel like they are the easiest to practice for me and come quicker than other movements.

Q: Least favorite CrossFit movement and why?

C: Basically anything overhead just due to horrible shoulders. Overhead squats may be the worst thing ever invented, besides mustard.

Q: Most memorable WOD/workout and why?

C: I’ll have to say Murph for sure! My 1st Murph was just a few weeks after I really started CrossFit and I was able to experience the history, inspiration, and meaning behind it. As cliche as it sounds, it really does motivate me throughout the workout to think about why we do the workout in general.

Q: What are your fitness goals?

C: My fitness goals are to just better myself in general. I feel like the tools you learn in CrossFit (technique, discipline, camaraderie, etc.) are useful in everyday life and I find myself being a generally better, happier person since I’ve joined CrossFit.

Q: In what areas have you improved the most since you began at CrossFit Aevitas?

C: 100% technique. The coaches always help tweak movements I do and I’ve noticed myself being less injured/sore, and also doing better in the movements specifically.

Q: Last one: Which is better, cake or pie?

C: Cookies!

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, Chris! Athletes - keep an eye out for your turn to be in the Aevitas Athlete Spotlight!
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