1st Annual CrossFit Aevitas Row-a-thon Recap


Row, row, row your rower not so gently at Aevitas! Congrats to all of the athletes that participated in our rowing event at CrossFit Aevitas this November.


On November 21st we had our 1st annual Row-a-thon and it was a great success! 9 teams competed for some sweet prizes. There were three events in total that helped secure a spot on the podium. The first event was all about fundraising for Men’s Health and the Movember cause, congratulations to “Row Patrol” for raising $900 pre-race and winning event 1!


The second event was the row. Athletes rowed for 90 minutes. The energy in the box was overwhelming and exciting. Every athlete gave it their all until the very last second. Each team had four members all who rowed their CrossFit booties off and cheered loudly, just as any good CrossFit athlete would. After the 90 minutes, CrossFit Shatter came out of top winning event 2 with a total of 26,000+ meters rowed. WOW!


The third and final event was about spectator support. We had fans from all over the Capital District come and support their favorite members. As fans piled in they were asked to state what team they were there to support and were also able to buy raffle tickets. In total the raffles and door donations totaled over $800. Thank you to all who came out and cheered on the athletes!


We thought the Row-a-thon was over. It wasn’t…

After tallying up the scores, there was a tie. What broke that tie? A ROW-OFF, of course! The two teams tied in 1st, CrossFit Spur and “Row Momma From the Train” from CrossFit Aevitas had 2 of their members square off for an additional 90 seconds. Whoever rowed the most meters in that 90 seconds would be declared the winner. The energy in the room was tangible and everyone cheered on the two teams. After 90 seconds, CrossFit Spur came out on top by less than 30 meters, and ended up winning the Row-a-thon and a brand new Concept 2 Rower for their gym! Way to go!


Congratulations to all athletes!


Final Results:

1st: CrossFit Spur

2nd: “Row Momma From the Train” from CrossFit Aevitas

3rd: CrossFit Shatter


Thank you to our sponsors, vendors and contributors with all of your help we were able to raise a whopping $5,099 for Movember and the men’s health initiative.


Thank you again to rowers and supporters. We look forward to seeing you next year for the next annual Row-a-thon!

Karen Southwick