Why Do YOU CrossFit?

As the 2014 CrossFit Games approach and the NorthEast Regional competition is just around the corner, now is as good a time as any to reflect back on our own motivation within the realm of CrossFit.  In other words, why are you here?  What makes you come in to the gym day in and day out, lay it all out there for a WOD, and wind up gasping for air on the ground?

For some people, the answer is “to become a better CrossFitter” or “to compete in the CrossFit Games next year”.  But for most, the answer is much different.  Several athletes have approached the coaches lately claiming that they are in “the best shape of their life”.  That’s so great to hear!  What we don’t hear, however, is that the reason they know they’re in the best shape of their life is because of some CrossFit-related metric.  People get excited over a back squat PR, don’t get me wrong.   And stringing multiple double-unders in a row is an incredible feeling.  However, most people don’t cite these accomplishments when they’re speaking of their own personal fitness and well-being.

What people do mention, is how they just ran a 5K faster than they’ve ever run before (or that they completed their first 5K without stopping to walk!).  People tell us that they had their annual physical and found all of their numbers look great.  People say that for the first time in over 20 years, they can get up out of their bed without aches and pains in every joint.  Or that they can run around with their kids and grand kids without needing a full day of recovery.  Or that they’ve seen a significant improvement in their volleyball/frisbee/hockey league.  These are real stories of how real people gauge their physical fitness.  And we absolutely love hearing them!

Practicing CrossFit sometimes doesn’t mean becoming the best “CrossFitter” you can become; but rather, becoming the best person you can become.  Fit, capable, and ready for anything.  That’s why we train with CrossFit, because no other strength and conditioning format, at least none that we’ve seen, has elicited such a positive outcome for so many people.  So keep doing what you love to do, and keep training with CrossFit as a means to keep you in “the best shape of your life”.  Whatever that phrase means to you individually.

Karen Southwick