What a Week to be an ÆVITAN!

We are so incredibly PUMPED about all of the progress we’ve seen in the gym lately! So pumped, in fact, that we feel it warrants a blog post calling everyone (hopefully everyone) out on the tremendous achievements this past week! This is going to be long… here goes!


MONDAY‘s strength was a 5 Rep Max of Snatch Grip Shoulder Presses – 9 people PR’d!

Alex: 70 lbs

Carolyn: 55 lbs

Kelly: 50 lbs

Brian: 75 lbs

Sarah: 50 lbs

Aaron: 80 lbs

Dave: 100 lbs

Diana: 45 lbs

Nancy: 55 lbs

TUESDAY we had everyone go for a 1 Rep Max Front Squat…

Jiffry: 205 lbs

Beth: 145 lbs

Sohl Sisters (Michelle & Steph): 110 lbs

Stephanie W: 105 lbs

WEDNESDAY we were back on the shoulder press, from the front rack for the first time in a while. We were impressed by these results on the 3×5!

Chia: 70 lbs

Laura: 70 lbs

Lisamarie: 45 lbs

Sandy: 55 lbs

Carolyn: 55 lbs

Bryan: 115 lbs

Mary: 45 lbs

Sarah: 50 lbs

Stephanie S: 45 lbs

Stephanie W: 55 lbs

CJ: 95 lbs

Dave: 105 lbs

Leyla: 70 lbs

Nancy: 55 lbs

THURSDAY was a killer with a 20-Rep Max Back Squat! Since this was the only programmed portion of the day, we spent lots of time prepping, and it paid off!

Bridget: 100 lbs

Jiffry: 185 lbs

Beth: 130 lbs

Kelly: 80 lbs

Mary: 60 lbs

Michelle: 80 lbs

Aaron: 150 lbs

Nancy: 90 lbs

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Some very important milestones were reached this week, and skills were further developed during our “suck day” portion of Thursday’s WOD

Diana can now hit two consecutive pull-ups!

Dave is making progress on his Double-Unders!

Kelly, Mary, Jiffry, Renee, Carl and Sam all saw improvement in their rope climbs!

Jiffry and Michelle put in some great work learning to kip on the bar!

Beth was spotted stringing together several toes-to-bar!

Stephanie Wille can walk, like, the entire length of the gym ON HER HANDS!

And I’m sure there are plenty more that just aren’t at the top of my mind right now. Regardless, WE ARE SO PROUD of each and every one of our ÆVITAS Athletes who come in day after day to put the stress of work/family/etc. beside and give their all at the gym. You guys rock our world!

Friday’s results will be added soon… will you be on the list?!

Karen Southwick