Welcome Crystal!

Many of you have already met Crystal Colvin, from working out with her during the 5:45AM WOD, or seeing her as an assistant coach in one of the evening WODs. We are very excited today to announce that Crystal will now be a more consistent presence at CrossFit ÆVITAS!

We asked Crystal some get-to-know-you questions, to help introduce her to our community. Read her answers and learn more about this amazing girl!


CFÆ: How long have you been doing/known about CrossFit?

Crystal: I started CrossFit in September 2010.


Æ: Why did you start doing CrossFit and what kept you coming back?

C: I remember the exact moment I decided to start CrossFit like it was yesterday! I was on a mini vacation with my friend, Tiffany Szemplinski, and her family. I asked Tiffany if we could stop at the outlets on the way home because my jeans were getting too tight and I wanted to get new ones in a larger size. Tiffany responded, along with her sister-in-law, “why not try CrossFit instead?” I had seen Tiffany’s pictures on Facebook from CrossFit and initially thought that there was no way I could do that! At the time, I was going to Best Fitness to take Zumba classes and spend a half hour on the elliptical, lifting weights was beyond my ability. Nonetheless, I joined Tiffany at CrossFit the following weekend and it was an outdoor Fight Gone Bad event at Albany CrossFit. After scaling the movements and getting a quick lesson on how to move through them properly, I hit the workout and felt that amazing feeling of accomplishment that you feel from CrossFit. After finishing that workout, I was hooked!! I immediately signed up for what was then called, “Elements Training Course” and soon started hitting WODs regularly. I was stepping way out of my comfort zone and surprising myself daily. With the gains I was making plus the friendships I was developing I couldn’t imagine finding my way to a fitter healthier me any other way.


Æ: Have you competed in any CF competitions? Have a notable memory from one to share?

C: I have competed in a few competitions, some of them being in-house competitions held at Albany CrossFit that were a little more low key than others. The notable memory from one was at the Tri-State Throwdown in February 2012 (on my 25th birthday!). The WOD’s were not posted ahead of time, like most competitions, so when they announced that handstand pushups were in the upcoming workout, I panicked. I had not been able to do one single handstand push-up before and I couldn’t get the hang of the kip. I went straight to an empty wall and said to myself “you better learn quick!” With the queues from the athletes around me I found the timing of the kip and during the WOD I was able to complete three rounds of 7 kipping hand stand push-ups. The excitement around a CrossFit Competition can’t be beat, I would advise everyone to enter themselves in at least one whether it be Maters, Scaled or RX Division. (side note from CF ÆVITAS: how about the Rumble in the Jungle?!)


Æ: What made you decide to come over to CrossFit ÆVITAS? What do you like about it so far?

C: I’m making the switch to CrossFit ÆVITAS for a number of reasons. The first being the all-star coaching staff! Chad and Karen have been friends since they started CrossFit at Albany and Viv taught me how to swing a mean kettlebell, Kia is so approachable and knowledgeable and Brett and Dean are two of the best coaches I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. That combined with the amazing community developing, top of the line equipment and the close proximity to my apartment, ÆVITAS is top notch!


Æ: What do you do outside of the gym?

C: My life outside of CrossFit consists of working full time at the Capital District YMCA, practicing yoga as much as possible and spending time with my amazing boyfriend, family and friends. I work at the Administrative Office at the Y as the office assistant, which allows me to really be involved in a lot of what the organization does. From healthy living to youth development, and everything in between, the Y is a nonprofit committed to strengthening community! Practicing yoga (particularly hot yoga) is fairly new to my regimen but has quickly became very important to me. It’s a wonderful way to become more flexible and strong and it’s also very relaxing and peaceful. I recommend everyone work it into their training schedule! Family is also very important to me. I have two nieces and a nephew (with another baby on the way!) who are my favorite people in the world and I try to spend as much time with them and the rest of my family as possible. We usually have a family day weekly, which doesn’t even feel like enough sometimes!


Æ: What’s your favorite thing to do with your free time?

C: Now that it’s getting warm out again, anything outdoors is preferred! I’m not a fan of the winter and cold so once the days start getting warmer and longer I come out of hibernation and like to go for walks, hikes, day trips to unknown towns to explore, or just sit outside in the yard and enjoy a book. My boyfriend, Josh, and I also enjoy good craft beers and have started to brew our own beer. It’s turned out to be a really fun hobby with some pretty awesome payoffs!


Æ: What has most inspired you to stay healthy and active?

C: After regularly participating in CrossFit I stopped obsessing about how much I weighed and stopped doing fad diets.  I started actually learning about how the human body works when fed proper whole foods and learned for myself how to stay healthy and fit instead of blindly following someone’s suggestions. Now that I’ve done this my whole view on body image and self-confidence has changed in a positive manner and I have become happy with exactly who I am. Being in the best shape of my life now inspires to me continue to grow so someday I can be the best mother I can be and be able to teach my children the proper ways of eating healthy and being fit.

Karen Southwick