Summer & Nutrition: Easy as 1-2-3


Memorial Day is celebrated this weekend which means we are coming up on the summer season. I know I am super excited, but as a Dietitian I always get a little stressed out because I know that people are ready to go wild on weekends because there are BBQs, graduation parties, weddings, birthday shindigs, baptisms, vacations,  you name it we will celebrate because the sun is out and we can show off our jacked bodies.

But wait! Let’s back up for a second, if we go wild at ALL the parties with ALL the food and drinks we may start wondering why our abs are not looking quite as toned even though we did a few extra burpees and some crunches on the side.  Just remember these 2 very important quotes:

 “Abs are made in the KITCHEN, not the gym”
“You cannot out train a bad diet”

I have NOTHING against the gym and training (obviously, you see me there ALL the time) but most people think that if they workout enoough that they can eat whatever they want and sorry, not sorry it’s just not true. So what is a Aevitan to do?

Check out how to conquer this summer in 3 easy steps by still enjoying the heck out of every moment but by not undoing all the wonderful things you have done to your body thus far!

**1. Remember that you are in control.

** What does this mean? It means just because you have ONE cookie does not mean you have to have ALL the cookies. Let me ask you this, if you tripped down the stairs, would you then FLING yourself down the rest of them? I sure hope not, so WHY oh WHY do we do this with our diets? We self sabotage and as soon as we do one thing we perceive to be “wrong” or “bad” we figure well why NOT eat the ENTIRE BAG OF OREOS! Sound familiar? Yup, we’ve all been there. But I want you to remember YOU are in control and YOU are worth it!

**2. Plan, plan ahead!

** If we know what’s coming (or have an idea) we can figure out how to handle the situation beforehand. You with me there? Ok, so you have your entire calendar marked up for the summer so why not PLAN ahead of time what you will do food/drink wise. For instance you have back to back weddings in June, plus 2 baby showers and a few birthday parties, PLAN AHEAD! You bought the gift ahead so why not treat yourself to a nice gift and figure out what you will do in the face of cookies, cake, wine and *GASP* a late night taco bar! Plan your treat (and stop calling it CHEATING) and enjoy it then move on and make your next meal a nutritious one, yes it’s that simple.

**3. BYOP: Bring Your Own Plate

** Speaking of planning ahead, this is the perfect opportunity to BYOP(orD), Bring Your Own Plate or Drink! If you have family members that insist on having ALL the wrong things at events, offer to bring a plate or why not just DO IT anyway! An extra plate is always welcome and then you know there is something there that you can have and enjoy. Easiest option? A veggie and fruit platter with perhaps some salsa or guacamole, yum!

Alright, now go enjoy your summer and save some grilled steak and veggies for me!

xoxo, Sassy

ps. I have a Real Food Rescue Nutrition Transformation Course coming up this summer, stay tuned for more info HERE

Karen Southwick