Striving for Gains

Every morning, Bridget shows up 5-10 minutes early for the 5:45AM WOD (sometimes, admittedly, before the coaches!).  She comes in, puts her shoes on, and immediately goes to work with a foam roller, or hops on a rower to get loosened up and ready for the day’s work.

Nancy contacted us the other day after WOW 14.1 saying that she’s apprehensive about an upcoming WOW including pull-ups, so she wants to work hard to get them.  She asked for supplemental training to get her to her goal in a timely manner.

When the WOD isn’t in session, Dave and Chris can be found monkeying around on the rig, working on getting kips and building shoulder strength to make their movements more efficient.  Both Dave and Chris successfully completed real toes-to-bar in a workout earlier this week!

I could go on and on with examples like this!  It makes us so happy as trainers to see that each of you wants to improve in some way, and that you are putting in the work to do so!  The truth is – not one of us is perfect.  Everyone is lacking in some area or another.  So pick your biggest weakness, whether it is hip mobility, double-under technique, pull-up strength, etc., and do some work to turn that weakness into a strength!

Remember we’re not here to compete with each other, but rather to compete with ourselves – so that every day we become better than we were the day before.  Keep working!  You’re doing great!

Karen Southwick