Staying Active On Vacation

As many of you know, we (Chad and Karen) just spent a week on a floating hotel (aka- a cruise)! The trip itself was amazing and memorable: the food was delicious; the ship was diverse and packed with fun; the stops were gorgeous and tropical. Basically everything you could ask for, and more!

One thing on our minds the whole week was, “how do we make sure we’re still being active?” See, for us working out is not so much a chore anymore, but rather a basic necessity – it keeps us sane!

The ship we were on was luckily enough equipped with a weight room (mostly machines, with dumbells and some kettlebells) and a cardio room with bikes, treadmills, and ellipticals. They even had one Concept2 rower! Additionally, there was a large group training room in the back that we were able to talk the trainers into letting us use one of the days.

Using the equipment at hand and a little creativity, we were able to come up with several workouts that in some way mimicked the day’s CrossFit Aevitas WOD. Instead of toes-to-bar, we did sit-ups. We used kettlebells for overhead squats. Instead of 30 muscle-ups for time, we challenged ourselves to 30 Turkish get-ups. And we took turns completing the 5K row on the lone Concept2 rower available.

Even with all that we did, we only spent a few hours overall in the ship’s exercise facilities, which was nice. The beautiful thing about constantly varied, high-intensity workouts is that they simply don’t take all that much time! We completed mobility work in our stateroom and on the outer decks of the ship, using stairs and railings where we could. As an overall rule, we did not use the elevators on the ship, but rather the stairs between our stateroom on the 14th floor, the main dining hall and outer deck on floors 15 and 16, and the other active floors on the ship: floors 6, 7, and 8. In this way, we kept our bodies moving and happy throughout the week, even on days when a formal workout didn’t happen.

So why am I reporting all of this to you? Because I want to show that even in circumstances that don’t allow for normal access to the gym of our choice, there are still options to get some healthy activity in. Next time you are away, try to use the resources around you to stay on track with your healthy routines. You’ll be happy you did!

Karen Southwick