Open For Fitness!

We could not be more proud to announce the opening of our new indoor location at Charles Park!  Beginning Monday, November 18th, we will be working out safely protected from the elements!

It’s difficult to look ahead without taking a moment to look back on where we came from.  In the spring, we had a crazy idea: why not start a CrossFit Boot Camp and see where it takes us?  The place: the GPAC stage at Tawasentha Park.  The mission: to spread the word about a health and fitness program guaranteed to improve the life of anyone with an open mind.

We made some incredible memories over the summer (and fall!) at Tawasentha Park.  Remember when we were kicked off the stage by the town band?  Remember working out through intense thunder storms?  Remember how it got so cold we had to wear gloves and hats?!  Don’t ever forget those memories – they are our history, our unique beginnings.  A testament to how badass you all are!

Friday evening, we received some help from the final outdoor class of the year packing up our cars with equipment to move into the new gym.  I have to say, it was bittersweet.  But I was struck by something during that moment: we have this group of people, on a Friday night in the cold after working out, all willing and even insistent on helping us out.  I would say that’s our community at its best, but that’s not exactly true.  That’s our community all the time.

So now our time in the park has come to an end, and we are so excited to begin this new chapter with all of you incredible people!  Get ready to learn and improve on all sorts of skills.  Get ready for more mobility tips and tricks.  Get ready to embrace new members into this awesome community!  Most of all get ready to have some fun!  Here we go, baby!  Let’s do this!!

Karen Southwick