Meet our Members – Jennifer Gaunt

As our CrossFit family continues to grow, it’s important that we honor established friendships and also welcome new ones!   It’s easy to know your fellow athletes for their latest feat that inspired you, or the T-shirt they wear that you love…but let’s get to know each other on a deeper level!


Today we introduce Jennifer Gaunt as one of the new-er additions to the CrossFit Aevitas community.  Jenn came to us with a previous background in CrossFit, and has seamlessly transitioned into WODs – so much so that you might not know her as a “new” person!  I asked Jenn to answer a few questions in order for her to tell us all a little more about where she came from, and where she plans to go with CrossFit Aevitas!

Jenn is a store manager of Starbucks (new store coming soon to Hamilton Square!), and considers herself a “coffee ninja”.  She has been married for 11 years and is the proud hockey mom of a 4-year-old named Oliver, who she admits keeps her very busy playing hockey 4 days per week!

Jenn initially joined CrossFit Aevitas because of the convenience of the location.  Jenn says she is “excited to be a part of a new and growing CrossFit with dedicated coaches that have a passion to make me a better athlete”  Her athletic goals are to become stronger and leaner, and to “finally get a non-banded pull-up!”

A true athlete at heart, Jenn loves many different sports.  Her favorites include golf, squash, swimming, and basketball.

Jenn’s favorite memory from her Boot Camp experience?  Not surprisingly, Dean’s “How to drink from a water fountain” video.   When asked what she is most apprehensive about with CrossFit Aevitas, Jenn replied, “I have been doing CrossFit on and off since 2008.  I am always nervous when I see the WOD – it’s what makes CrossFit awesome!”  We like her attitude!!

And finally, we’ll leave you with one of Jenn’s favorite motivational quotes.  Quite simply, she states: “be awesome, stay awesome”  Love it!

If you haven’t gotten to know Jenn yet, you should definitely take the time to do so – she is a fun, focused, and very kind person, and we’re happy to have her as a part of CrossFit Aevitas!

Karen Southwick