Meet Mary

Every month, we see a few new faces around the gym.  It’s important that we welcome these newcomers with open arms and show them what a truly wonderful community we have at CrossFit Ævitas!


Meet Mary Vartigian, one of the most recent Boot Camp graduates.  Mary just joined us for a full year – so get to know her, she’s in for the long haul!  We asked Mary a few questions upon Boot Camp graduation to allow everyone to get to know her a little bit.

Mary is Chad’s dental hygienist (and an excellent hygienist if anyone is looking!) Chad came home one day after his 6-month check up and said “well, I got my hygienist to sign up for Boot Camp.  I didn’t even have to try; she just talked herself into it as she was working on me!”  It’s a funny story on our end, but Mary has her own recollection of the decision process:

“_I joined CrossFit Aevitas because I had been away from exercising for too long.  As I was blow drying my hair one morning and saw how untoned my arms were getting I became disgusted with myself.  I am active with yard work in the summer, but I felt myself falling into a hibernation mode during the winter months.   When Chad came in to get his teeth cleaned and was telling me about his new business venture, I realized that this must be an omen, I needed the workout and it was right on my way home.  No more excuses, I knew I had to make this commitment._”

Mary is excited to see changes in her body.  She’s looking forward to regaining muscle tone and increase flexibility, with a main goal of “a total body tone up”.  Mary is apprehensive about “sticking out like a sore thumb because of all the very fit younger people” – we all know she has nothing to worry about here – let’s make sure she learns that soon as well!

Mary improved her Boot Camp Day 1/Day 12 test workout by three whole minutes, which she is very proud of (as are we!).  Not only did she kick butt, but she also used a much lower platform for the air squat target – way to go!

Here are some thoughts and an introduction in Mary’s own words:

I am a dental hygienist. I work in private practice for a general dentist, but I also teach as an adjunct at the dental hygiene department at HVCC.  I have been a hygienist for 37 years and have taught for 11 years.  Both jobs are very rewarding and I get to know so many people in both aspects. I learn so much from my patients, after all that is how I became exposed to CrossFit Ævitas, and thoroughly enjoy getting to know each and every one of my patients and students.  I bring so much to my students by continuing to work in a private practice setting.  Patient management is a very large part of my profession, since believe it or not, many people are not thrilled with going to the dentist.  Imagine that!! If I can make my patients more comfortable by educating them and provided high quality care in a calming manner we all win.  Of course we know that having healthy teeth and gums keeps us living longer, just like being physically fit.

I have two grown children who have been married for a little over 2 years.  No grandchildren yet, but at least I have heard talk of children recently so hopefully someday I will be a grandmother.

I have one brother who lives in South Dakota where I grew up.  My father passed away almost 5 years ago and my mother passed away this past May.  My mother was almost 95 years old,(9 days short of her birthday) and was riding an exercise bike for 20 minutes a day up until the last 3 weeks of her life.  If that is not motivation enough to get up off the couch I don’t know what is.  Her goal was to be able to continue to get herself to the bathroom without help.  She was in a care facility, but did not want to lose that bit of dignity.  She was an amazing example of working hard and staying fit, as was my father who was a farmer and worked hard his whole life also.  He died in his sleep at the age of 85 without any real serious medical problems.  I want to live a long life like they did so that I can enjoy my children and hopefully someday grandchildren for many years to come, so CrossFit Ævitas help me reach my goals!!”

On a final note, we asked Mary what her personal motto is:  “In order to attain your goals you must quit making excuses and become committed

The next time you see Mary in class, make sure to say hello!  She is an extremely warm and friendly person, and is very motivated (like all of us) to continue improving and to stay fit forever!  Welcome, Mary!

Karen Southwick