Make New Friends, And Keep the Old…

Friends are crucial to our well-being. How many times have you waited for a friend’s “expert opinion” on a movie before going to see it yourself? How often have you wanted to try something new, but couldn’t bring yourself to take the leap until you were able to convince a friend to try it with you? For plenty of us, that’s how our CrossFit experience began!

“Gym buddies” are a special breed –they’re the people we rely on to push us when we want to stop, to critique our form and ask us to critique theirs. Gym buddies share their PRs, healthy recipes, and off-day recovery workouts with us. Most importantly, gym buddies generally have the same goals as we do. They’re looking to accomplish the same things as us, and are thankful for our influence on them too- pushing them through that last set of burpees and counting on them to be at tomorrow’s 5:45AM WOD. As much as your gym buddy influences and inspires you – you’d better bet you do the same for them!

Many of us started our CrossFit journeys with a friend – and that’s great! Some of us complete every WOD with that friend – which is nice, too. But we would encourage everyone (if you haven’t) to reach out and make new friends in the gym. Maybe you’ll learn a few new things, and you’ll probably teach someone a thing or two as well. Collaboration is the mechanism by which we flourish as human beings. And getting to know new people is just plain fun!

Our challenge to you is this: next time you have the opportunity to partner up, try to pair with someone you’ve never paired with before. Get to know everyone in this community, and open your arms to newcomers as they arrive (we all know how scary that first WOD can be!). In this way, we will all benefit, learn from each other, and become stronger both individually and as a whole.

Karen Southwick