Life Lessons from the Nook

Life Lessons from the Nook

We’re just over 4 months into our Aevitas Weightlifting group training, and the “nook-dwellers” are not only learning valuable lessons about lifting technique, but about themselves, too!

Below are some reflections from the Aevitas Weightlifters regarding what their training has taught them about themselves. We’re calling this collection “Life Lessons From the Nook”, because we think everyone can apply at least one or two of these thoughts to their own personal lives!


Question: What Has Weightlifting Taught You?

We asked the Nook-dwellers this simple question, and here's what they had to say:

"It has taught me to respect both my body's strengths and weaknesses equally. To appreciate what I can do now and work toward what I can't yet."

"It has also taught me how to focus my energy inward and block out all the stress and craziness of the day-to-day, because that focus is crucial and if it's not there, that weight is not going to make it overhead!"

"It's my daily dose of therapy; no matter how bad my day was, the weights are there and it helps put things into perspective. It also gave me some amazing bros and lady-bros, there's nothing like the bond of peeps who have gotten crushed by snatches together or hit PRs together."

"after 28 years of zero physical activity (really, zero!) it's nice to find the one thing that keeps you excited to workout."

"That a chalky high five is one of life's great pleasures."

"For 1 hour a day, some days hopefully more, stop focusing on everything going on in life and instead focus on improving yourself."

"Weightlifting in the nook has taught me a lot about myself as both a person and an athlete. It has shown me the true meaning of patience(#struggle). I have learned with time and practice, I am capable of reaching my goals"

"Your success is my success because we train together. In my opinion, that’s the best lesson anyone can learn: Training is not just about me… it’s about us."


April 2016 Meet Recap

In case you missed it, we had a blast at the April Open Weightlifting Meet at CrossFit Aevitas last weekend! Over twenty lifters competed in the friendly event, many of whom were first-timers on the competition platform!

Stay tuned for a full event recap, with a Highlight Reel video of all the lifts! For now, you can check out some pretty aweseome pictures of the meet on our Facebook Page)

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Karen Southwick