Homemade Happiness

Everyone wants to be happy, right?


The turn in the weather this time of year leads to a transition of our daily routines as well as our mood and perspective.  What are YOU doing to keep you and your family as happy as possible, now that the days are getting colder and the nights are getting longer?


There are plenty of little actions you can take right now to improve your happiness and health.  We rounded up our favorite 10, and listed the first 5 below.  Get started on these simple tasks and be ready for “Part 2” next week!




Not surprisingly this came in #1 on our list.  We are a CrossFit gym, after all!  Exercising has so many health benefits – it helps us relax, boosts brain activity, and makes us feel better about ourselves in general. So not only is your time in the gym making you physically healthier in your bones and muscles, but your brain and emotions see benefits from the physical activity, too.


Get more sleep.

A good night’s rest helps your body restore and recover, and helps you feel wide awake in the morning. Not only that, but sleep deprivation actually leads us to process and remember more negative memories than positive ones. So get some rest and stay positive!


Reduce your commute.

We all know how this feels: you start your day in a rush after a poor night’s sleep, grab some coffee and scramble into the car.  A few minutes later, you find yourself stuck in traffic and realize you’re definitely going to be late for your first meeting.  From that moment on, you’re just flat out angry for the rest of the day.  Maybe a bit dramatic, but even the most even-keeled of us can get frustrated with our daily commute sometimes. If there’s any feasible way to shorten the drive to and from work, your happiness may benefit big time. Or, perhaps try carpooling and help save your mood and the environment!


Spend more time with friends and family.

Spending time with the ones we care about makes us happier both in the present and the future. Some studies have even shown that while an increase in income seems to have no effect on life satisfaction, an increase in social involvement counts for a lot. This tip may go hand-in-hand with the tip above if you’re able to carpool to work with a good friend regularly!


Get outside.

We all know how good it feels to get some outside time into our day – so do it on a regular basis! Walk during your lunch hour, or find a buddy and get moving around the neighborhood or in a park on the weekends. Just 20 minutes spent outside can do wonders for our mood and overall outlook.  And even as it gets cooler outside, a dose of fresh air beats stagnant indoor air any day!

Karen Southwick