#HomeAwayFromHome 2016 Aevitas Charity Recap

For the past three months, CrossFit Aevitas has been proud to support the Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Capital Region!


About the Cause

Through a survey of Aevitas Athletes last September, it was decided that our charitable cause for the last few months of the year would be the Ronald McDonald House charity. We were excited to back this awesome foundation, because of the amount of good it does nationally as well as on a local level!

The Capital Region chapter of the Ronald McDonald House Charities, Inc. helps the community in more ways than one. The actual "Ronald McDonald House" serves as a home-away-from home for the families of seriously ill children who are recieving treatment at Capital Region hospitals. The Ronald McDonald House Charities also sponsors a "Ronald McDonald Family Room", which is space within the Albany Medical Center near the pediatric and neonatal intensive care units. Families may use this room as a safe haven, away from the tension of a hospital setting, while still remaining close to their ill child. The Ronald McDonald House also teams up with St. Peter's Health Care Services to provide free dental care to children in the area who would otherwise not be able to receive it. The "Ronald MdDonald Care Mobile" serves over 500 local children annually with this program.

And just in case that's not enough, the Rondald McDonald House Charities awards other smaller charities in the area with grants which allow these charities to carry out their own mission impacting local children and their families. According to the Ronald McDonald House Charities website: "In a typical year, our grant programs support the health and wellbeing of 10,000 children through our partnership initiatives and investments in charities that serve our vision and values."

CrossFit Aevitas Involvement

So, how did the CrossFit Aevitas community support the Ronald McDonald House Charities last October through December? By getting fit, of course!

2016 End Of Year Goals and Aevitas Match Program


At the end of the summer, Aevitans made short- and longer-term goals for their own athletic development. Athletes pledged a sum of money to each goal they set their sights on. Smaller, easier-to-achieve goals were typically given smaller pledges (in the $5 range), and larger, longer-term goals were assigned larger pledges ($20 range). Each athlete pledged whatever they felt that they could contribute, and paid the pledged money upon completion of their goal. In this way, Aevitas Athletes raised almost $400 for the Ronald McDonald House Charities, just by doing what they do best - working on their fitness!

Upon announcement of the 2016 Goals and pledges, CrossFit Aevitas also announced that for every dollar raised by Aevitas Athletes acheiving their own goals, the gym itself would match the contribution! So a $10 goal, once accomplished, became a $20 contribution to the Ronald McDonald House Charities!


2016 Aevitas Games Competition

Finally, CrossFit Aevitas held a special event last quarter from which all proceeds raised were pledged directly to the Ronald McDonald House Charities. The Aevitas Games was a 4-week in-house competition series that included weekly competitions between same-sex partner teams. Eight teams in total signed up for the Aevitas Games series, which was able to raise over $200 for the cause!

Want to see more of the Aevitas Games athletes in action? Check out the album of the final event HERE !


In total, CrossFit Aevitas charitable fundraising efforts in the end of 2016 raised over $1,000 for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Capital Region! When you consider that our standard one-month charity campaigns regularly raise just under $100, this is HUGE!

Of course, we could never have done it without the amazing athletic achievements and aspirations of our Aevitas Athletes. Really, you guys are the best!

We're On A Roll! So... What's Next?

We have SO MUCH in store for the Aevitas community in the coming months, and a new charitable cause to contribute to, as well! Stay tuned for some big announcements in the coming days - and in the meantime, start dreaming big for your 2017 goals!

Karen Southwick