Healthy for the Holidays – Work Edition

Part 3 of the Healthy for the Holidays blog series is about staying healthy at work. This time of year, everyone wants to spread the cheer- and that’s great! Share the season with your coworkers without having to share in the feeling of remorse when the cookies and parties dwindle in January.

Below are a few tips from Karen to help you get through the holiday season without too much over-indulgence. To see more tips for staying healthy during the holiday season, check out the latest “holiday” Nutrition Notes (link at the bottom right of the “WOD & NEWS” page)

Karen’s Top 5 Tips for the Holidays at Work:

1- Organize a work event rather than just participating! Having a role in an event will give you that great feeling of giving back!

2- Better yet – organize something for charity! A coat drive, canned food donation, or Toys For Tots box goes a long way to help those less fortunate than us. Choose a local charity foundation and work with that group to determine their individual needs.

3- Get outside! Start a lunchtime walking group, or just pair up with a coworker and enjoy the clean fresh air! Make sure to dress appropriately!

4- This is more of a winter-long suggestion: invest in a full-spectrum desk light, especially if getting outside often is not feasible for you. Studies have shown that bright light is the best treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), and it will help keep your mood up during this dark time of year.

5- Stay busy! It’s such an easy time of year to get sucked into temptations and extra-curricular events, but for many of us, it’s also a time to wrap things up! Make sure your work is getting done so you don’t come in to the office in January and find yourself buried!

Karen Southwick