Healthy for the Holidays – Party Edition

There’s snow on the ground this morning! That can only mean one thing – the holiday season is officially here! As the craziness sets in, it can become difficult to stay on track with our health. We are bombarded with tasty treats at every turn, and may feel the need now and then to skip a workout because there is just so much to do. So by New Years, we feel frumpy, lazy, and ready for a change. Let’s try to turn that around this year by staying healthy THROUGH the holidays!

Here are some of Karen’s healthy tips to keep from over-indulging at parties and get-togethers during the next 6 weeks. For more advice, check out the latest “holiday” Nutrition talk notes (link at the bottom right of the “WOD & NEWS” page)

Karen’s Top 5 Fit Tips for Holiday get-togethers:

1- Pre-eat before parties! If you’re heading to a neighborhood or work party where you know there will be mostly rich temptation foods, save yourself by eating a salad before you go. You’ll feel more satisfied when you get there, and you’ll know you got your vegetables in!

2- Suggest an outdoor activity with friends and neighbors instead of the standard meet-and-eat. Go snowshoeing, caroling, play football in the back yard – just be active! Then bring everyone inside for hearty soup (loaded with vegetables, of course) and hot beverages

3- When alcohol is involved, try to stick to either wine or clear liquor. We all know the heart health benefits of wine (when consumed in moderation, of course!), and clear liquors in general pack less empty calories than their colored counterparts

4- Another tip for alcohol: alternate an alcoholic drink with water – or just drink water! By alternating, you can stay hydrated, and give your stomach a sense of fullness without devouring the charcuterie!

5- Stand away from the buffet! Sounds simple, but when at a party where food is just out to munch on, the farther away you stand, the less likely your hand will accidentally reach for that quesadilla bite!

Karen Southwick