Has it REALLY Been a Year Already?!

May 20th, 2013:  The warm evening sun highlights the hill in front of  the outdoor amphitheater at Tawasentha Park.  Friendly conversation is exchanged between old friends and new acquaintances arriving at the base of the stage.  While Karen sweeps the GPAC floor, Chad gets the portable radio to play Pandora from his phone.  Waivers and name tags are passed around as we discuss our “lesson plan” for the first meeting of our A-Crew Boot Camp.   We have brought just enough equipment: sets of bumper plates, medicine balls, kettlebells, gymnastics rings hanging from the steel rafters above.  We’re as ready as we’ll ever be to start the Boot Camp.  But we could not possibly have planned for the adventure that would soon begin…


Fast-forward 365 days and here we are: a fully established CrossFit affiliate gym, with four coaches and a dedicated athlete membership base.  We’re constantly pushing and learning new things.  We’re blasting through previous PRs and setting new goals as each hurdle is surmounted.  We’re getting to know each other and ourselves a little bit better day by day.  We’re always moving forward, always improving.

Remember the first time we made you do air squats?  How about your introduction to burpees?! A year ago (or less) you had no idea what you were missing.  And neither did we!  We have grown to know and respect so many people over the past months.  We’ve celebrated accomplishments, coped with adversity, and overcome obstacles together.  You have made us better coaches, better mentors, and better people.  We can’t imagine where our lives would be without CrossFit, and more importantly without the CrossFit ÆVITAS community – whether you became a part of that on Day 1 or Day 364 (and beyond)!

Our beginnings were most definitely humble.  And we are not even close to arriving at our destination.  Life is a journey, and we feel so lucky to have shared the last 12 months of that journey with all of you!

Karen Southwick