April's Aevitas Cause -- Nick's Fight To Be Healed #NicksFight

April's Aevitas Cause: Nick's Fight To Be Healed #NicksFight

As we welcome spring at CrossFit Aevitas this April, we also welcome a new charitable cause. This month, we will be using the tagline #nicksfight, and contributing to the Nick's Fight To Be Healed Foundation.


Here's a synopsis of what this awesome foundation is all about:

Nick's Fight to be Healed was started by the friends and family of a boy named Nick who was diagnosed at age 13 with T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), as a way to raise money for his treatments. Although, unfortunately, Nick eventually lost his battle with the disease, the foundation found purpose in helping other children, young adults, and their families throughout their recovery journey.

Nick's Fight to be Healed Foundation supports pediatric and young-adult cancer patients, striving to improve quality of life by promoting well-being, reducing stress within the entire family, and providing resources to help children with cancer lead fun and fulfilling lives.

The foundation provides financial assistance for pediatric cancer patients to help with bills, food, gas, medical costs, etc.

The foundation also provides “comfort bags” to teens that are in the clinic, and “family hope bags” that include information, gifts, and even notes from families who have been through similar situations.

Finally, Nick's Fight supports the “Child Life Specialist” position at The Melodies Center for Childhood Cancer and Blood Disorders at the Children's Hospital of Albany Medical Center, a position that is solely funded by donations and grants, but provides invaluable support to pediatric cancer patients and their families

So, how can you help CrossFit Aevitas contribute to this very worthy cause this month? Any one of the methods below will allow you to support Nick's Fight to be Healed Foundation and all of the good it does for those in need:


Check In to CrossFit Aevitas with the tagline #nicksfight

Say something witty, comment on how awesome your WOD buddy did, or just simply write the tagline. Up to you – every check-in with the tagline counts toward our monthly contribution!


Give us a review on Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, etc.

If you haven't already told the world how much you love your gym-home via an online review, here's your chance! Not only are you helping the gym receive good interweb ratings, you're also giving back to the cause in a meaningful way!

In-person donations


Not into the whole internet thing, or are your friends getting tired of seeing your constant Facebook check-ins? Not to worry – you can also contribute to Nick's Fight by bringing in cash or check donations. Just put them in the donation box in the gym, or hand to a coach!

As always, thank you for all of your support around this charitable cause and all the worthy causes we support month-to-month. If you have a foundation or group that you feel strongly about and would like to support, let us know – it might just be next month's hashtag!

Karen Southwick