Aevitas Athlete Spotlight - Mary!

Our CrossFit Aevitas family is full of the most amazing people! This Aevitas Athlete Spotlight segment is all about Mary V. If you don't know Mary yet (you need to!), this should give you a peek into who she is, and why we decided that the first ever Athlete Spotlight should go to her! If you do know Mary already, keep reading - you might learn something that you haven't before!

Mary and friends at the CrossFit Aevitas 1 Year Anniversary party in 2014. Mary is second from the left.

Mary and friends at the CrossFit Aevitas 1 Year Anniversary party in 2014. Mary is second from the left.

Question: Hi Mary, tell everyone a little bit about yourself (where you live, family, what you do for a living, etc)

Mary: I actually found out about Crossfit Aevitas through my profession as a dental hygienist. One of my patients is Chad Southwick. I work in private practice and I also teach at the dental hygiene department at HVCC. I am married and have 2 married children, a son and a daughter. My son lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and has a 1 year old son, Jack. My daughter lives in Norwalk, CT and has a 3 month old daughter, Milena. My husband Joe and I live in Niskayuna. I grew up on a farm in South Dakota. My only sibling, my brother, still lives in South Dakota.

Q: What was your experience level with athletics prior to CrossFit?

M: Growing up on a farm, I always was outside playing and never inside. In junior high I was on a track team and ran track all through high school. I also played softball and continued to play until I was in my mid-fifties. Through the years I did a lot of different aerobic exercise programs, whether it be at home or at a gym.

Q: Why did you start doing CrossFit?

M: Chad Southwick came in to get his teeth cleaned and was telling me about the gym that he and his wife Karen were about to open. I had taken a few years off from exercising and asked him if he thought that I could do CrossFit. He said that if I was able to walk into the door of his gym, then I could do CrossFit, so I joined his gym when it opened.

Q: How long have you been doing CrossFit?

M: I began my boot camp when CrossFit Aevitas opened in November of 2013.

Q: What is your favorite thing about CrossFit and CrossFit Aevitas?

M: The caring family atmosphere of all the coaches and members, and of course achieving PRs

Q: Favorite CrossFit movement and why?

M: I think it’s a tie between rowing and deadlifting because I can do both of those movements fairly well.

Q: Least favorite CrossFit movement and why?

M: Rope climbing because I still cannot move up the rope.

Q: Most memorable WOD/workout and why?

M: My recent deadlift PR because I was so afraid of hurting myself by lifting 200 lbs. When Chad had me try it, I just concentrated on the technique and when I was able to lift the bar, I had an adrenaline rush like I’ve never experienced before.

Q: What are your fitness goals?

M: Still trying to move up the rope on the rope climb and to just keep making personal gains. I am only in competition with myself at this stage of my life.

Q: In what areas have you improved the most since you began at CrossFit Aevitas?

M: Weightlifting. I never did any weightlifting in the past.

Q: Something about yourself that nobody at the gym knows?

M: If I tell, then everyone will know! I can’t really think of anything. I’m pretty much an open book, but I do go pretty crazy with decorating for Christmas, both inside and outside my home.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, Mary! Athletes - keep an eye out for your turn to be in the Aevitas Athlete Spotlight!
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