Aevitas Athlete Spotlight - Mandee

Our Aevitas family is full of the most amazing people! This Aevitas Athlete Spotlight segment is all about Mandee Lewicki.  Mandee gets the high honor of being the first ViTaFITter to be profiled in our Athlete Spotlight. If you don’t know Mandee yet, this should give you a peek into who she is, and why we decided to spotlight her. Even if you already know her, keep reading - you might learn something that you didn’t know before.

Mandee practicing her favorite movement

Mandee practicing her favorite movement

Question: Hi Mandee, tell us a little about yourself (where did you grow up? where do you live now? family? what you do for a living? etc).

Mandee: I grew up in Clifton Park, and have lived all over the capital region (and Tennessee briefly!), but now live in Guilderland. I’m a speech-language pathologist (best and most rewarding job in the world!!) for Schenectady City School District. My husband and I adopted a sweet pit bull named Pepper last summer, shortly after we purchased our first home.

Q: What was your experience level with athletics prior to joining Aevitas?  

Mandee: I was never into sports much growing up. I mostly just did some of those workout dvds before joining Aevitas and ViTaFIT. So, a novice to say the least.

Q: How long have you been doing ViTaFIT?

Mandee:  I joined in September of 2018, so just about 8 months.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Aevitas?

Mandee:  I love the community. It’s so encouraging to have peers alongside of you cheering you on and coaches that care about your goals and progress. I also love that I’m challenged to do things that I would never do if I were just working out by myself. I walk away amazed at what my body can do some days.

Q: Favorite ViTaFIT movement and why?

Mandee: hanging tuck ups! It was one of the first movements I felt I saw progress in myself. That and it’s always fun to hang in the rig.

Q: Least favorite movement and why?  

Mandee: Does the bike count? If so for sure the bike. it never gets easier. [Editor’s note…yes, the bike definitely counts]

Q: In what areas have you improved the most since you began at Aevitas?

Mandee: My stamina for cardio and movements in general has increased drastically.. I’ve also seen a huge change in arm/shoulder strength- I’m still working on pull-ups, but I can actually do push-ups now!

Q: What are some of your interests and hobbies outside of Aevitas?

Mandee: I love to hike, bird-watch, and read. I love taking my dog for walks and just being outside in general.

Q: Name a movie you have seen more than any other?

Mandee: The Santa Clause (that’s only slightly embarrassing) and The Money Pit.

Q: Cake, brownies, cookies, ice cream, or pie?  Choose one. What kind?

Mandee: I think I’d have to go cookies. Either Tagalongs or Trader Joe’s cookie butter cookies.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, Mandee. Athletes - keep an eye out for your turn to be in the Aevitas Athlete Spotlight!

All questions on Aevitas Athlete Spotlight questionnaires are 100% voluntary.

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