Aevitas 5 Weeks to Food Fitness Challenge

Aevitans - the time has come to test (and increase) your Food Fitness! And we've got just the way to do it.

drumroll, please...

Allow us to introduce the CrossFit Aevitas 5-Weeks to Food Fitness Challenge - coming to Aevitas this October!

Read below for everything you need to know (for now) about the upcoming challenge. More details and information to come as we get closer!

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The What and the Why

We've always focused on quality before quantity when it comes to optimal nutrition, which we stand by to this day as the best place to start your healthy nutrition journey.

But this time, we are shaking things up! We know that you cannot manage what you don't measure (that's why we use Wodify for PR tracking) so why not take a closer into how much you are eating, not just what you are eating?

By looking at quantity you can figure out how much of each macronutrient (i.e. protein, carbs and fats) your body needs to perform at the gym (and in life) as well as look its best.

This five-week challenge will focus on teaching you what the optimal amounts of each macronutrient are for you and your specific needs. Then, we'll work on setting and maintaining macro goals to ensure you build good, healthy, and sustainable dieting habits over the course of the challenge.

Oh, and did we mention there will be Prizes?! Of course there will be prizes! Fabulous ones!

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The "gist" of the Challenge

We want to give you the tools to start looking at your nutrition as a way to fuel your body for optimum performance! This challenge is designed to get you there with discreet steps, so you improve without being overloaded or overwhelmed with change. Just as you don't start CrossFit with a 400-lb Deadlift, you don't start your nutrition performance journey as a Macro Mastermind. But you get there (or as close as you can!) step by step, day by day. This challenge will get you started on the right foot, improve your nutrition IQ, and set you up for a lifetime of nutrition success!

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More Specifics

Monday, October 9th - Challenge Prep Week begins We'll kick off the challenge with a "Challenge Prep Week". During this initial week, you will:

  • Take initial data (Height, Weight, Body Fat %)
  • Fill out an initial health and nutrition questionaire
  • Complete an initial "tracking" day to get a baseline of your current nutrition habits
  • Have a one-on-one with your personal Accountability Coach (Laura (Sassy), Chad, or Karen)
  • Receive your Macro Intake Prescription

During this week, we get you prepped for the nitty-gritty of the challenge. You've taken measurements. You have a baseline. You've met with your coach. You're ready.

After the initail Prep Week, each week of the challenge will have a theme and a few items we are focusing on.

Monday, October 16th - Challenge Kick-Off Week: The Quantitative Approach & Tracking

  • What are Macros?

  • How (and why) to Track Macros

  • Why Honesty is the Best Policy

Monday, October 23rd - Grocery Shopping & Label Reading

  • How to get the most out of your shopping trip

  • Quick & Dirty Guide to Label Reading

  • Fail to Plan, then Plan to Fail!

Monday, October 30th - Workout Vs. Rest Day Consumption

  • What is classified as a workout day

  • How to change your macros based on activity

  • Carbs, carbs, carbs!

Monday, November 6th - Eating Out & Special Occasions

  • How to live outside of your CrossFit Bubble

  • Plan Ahead

  • Forgiving & Moving on

Monday, November 13th - Every Macro Counts (The Importance Of Quality)

  • Micronutrients & Overall Health

  • Cannot Out-Crossfit a bad diet

  • How to live your life without MyFitnessPal & Macro Counting (i.e. how to live your life)

Finally, we'll conclude the challenge with a Challenge Check-Out and Family Fun Night at CrossFit Aevitas on Friday, November 17th

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This Challenge will be scored by a discreet point system, much like our Aevitas Athlete Challenge earlier this year, if you were around for that.

Points will be awarded for:

  • Daily nutrition tracking

  • Staying within your personalized Macro range

  • Completing specific goal(s) of the week

  • Overall challenge points (to be revealed)

The Overall Challenge Winner will be the person who collects the most points throughout the 5 weeks. Have a bad day? OK! Get back on that horse and work hard tomorrow! That's basically how life works, so why shouldn't a challenge be the same?!

Other winners will also receive recognition and prizes at the end of the Challenge, based on criteria to be announced at a later date.

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Ready - Set - Sign Up!

Ready to get started with the Food Fitness Challenge?! Time to sign up!

Sign-Up Deadline: Monday, October 16th

Price: $75 Early-Bird Until Oct 1st then $90

Cap: 36 athletes

Sign-Up Link: SIGN ME UP

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Karen Southwick