Aevitas Kids Session
(Ages: 5-12)
1 Charles Blvd. Guilderland, NY - March 9 - April 6 - $85/Kid

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Making Fitness FUN!

Aevitas is proud to offer fitness classes for kids as a fundamental building block of a healthy, happy lifestyle.

At Aevitas Kids, we make Fitness FUN, ensuring that kids learn to love exercise and view it as an opportunity, rather than a chore, as they grow and develop into active teenagers and adults!


What Does an Aevitas Kids Class Look Like?

In our one-hour Aevitas Kids classes, kids are challenged to work together and individually on a multitude of tasks. Each class is made up of:

  • a "theme" for the day. Things like Teamwork, Persistence, even Nutrition!

  • general warm-up, followed by a warm-up game

  • skill session where kids learn how to perform functional movements more efficiently

  • "WOD" (Workout of the Day) to practice new skills and work up a sweat with a particular task in mind

  • another game or two (depending on time) to really hammer home the ideas of fun, teamwork, and physical play


WHY Aevitas Kids?

Kids these days are inundated with several conflicting ideas when it comes to health and fitness:

1) "Fitness" is something only parents do, and they don't really like it (most of the time)

2) Unless you want to play a sport, there's no reason to be "in shape" or to "work out"

3) You must be the BEST at your sport in order to make the team, and succeed as an athlete

At Aevitas, we know that the terms "fitness" and "health" mean so much more than being the MVP of your athletic team. Fitness means being able to conquer whatever life throws at you. Health means happiness, confidence, and mental and physical toughness that allow you to succeed in many different endeavors.

From a child's perspective, being "healthy" and "fit" doesn't necessarily mean winning the 400m dash or scoring the most points on the basketball court. Being fit means being able to play, jump, run, and generally move around - like kids are built to do! And being healthy goes way beyond that. Our training not only teaches kids how to move more efficiently and have fun moving and playing, but also teaches kids the importance of teamwork, integrity, and persistence, among other things.

You see, being "healthy" goes so much further than physical health markers - being healthy is being able to handle what life throws at you - whether that be a difficult opponent on the soccer field, or a difficult test in the classroom. Physical, emotional, and mental development go hand-in-hand in our children, and the Aevitas Kids program marries these ideas into one interactive, challenging, and most importantly - FUN - program!